Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Photos

Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy! Ward waiting for his turn at the buffet.

Scotch dressing. My sister Cynthia tried to recreate a small batch in the oven (without a turkey). It worked out good. The only problem dad kept asking people to try it so I only got a tablespoon or so on my plate. I will have Cynthia make some more tomorrow so I can have my stuffing & cranberry sauce sandwiches.

The 'piece de resistance'....Omid's cranberry rice. Yum!


The prime rib - BEAUTIFUL and Delicious!

Watching the game.

Watching Iron Man.

Carving the turkey!

Talking shop.

Enjoying the game.

Cynce & Mike - Mike came down specifically for the cranberry rice. He loves it. Omid gave Mike all the rice leftovers to take home with him (since it's a once a year meal). Enjoy Mike!

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bgygi said...

The food looks wonderful!!! I'm glad to hear the scotch dressing worked well in the oven! Now we can have dressing sandwiches all year long!!!!!