Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Prep

We are having approximately 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. This meant the kids and I spent the day cleaning. We took a break and treated ourselves to lunch at the new Olive Garden. It was delicious.

I ran to Winco to grab a larger prime rib. We had one that was about ten pounds, but Omid thought we needed a larger one. He told me to purchase the biggest one Winco had. I did, and when Omid came home...he was a little surprised at how large it was (17.45 lbs). We also have a 20 pound turkey. Omid plans on smoking both for dinner. This means one thing: no Scotch dressing in our turkey. :( I am way bummed about that. My dad and I are going to try & see if we can 'recreate' the dressing in the oven.

Enjoy these meaty picures:

Larger than life prime rib.
Homemade dry rub mix for the prime rib.

Finished & ready to set in the fridge until morning.

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Chris and Sarah said...

Holy smokes! That is just a headless COW!!!!!!