Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Saturday

Omid and I went to a wedding reception yesterday afternoon. We had a great time and even ran into some friends from long ago (when our kids were toddlers....Katie B. - keep reading!)....Bride & Groom

Look who we ran into! Chloe & Diane. Katie B. - this picture is for you!!!

Celebrating the COUGS WIN (oh...and a wedding too!)

Lin & Ward

An Irish band played at the reception. I asked them if they took requests and they said yes. So I requested the song from Napolean Dynamite. They didn't know which song was from N.D. I told him I would be right back. I called Nas, got the info and told him the name of the song. They said,' Of course we can play that song!" They played it and Omid danced a little jig for me (sorry - no video of the jig - but it was witnessed by several coworkers).



Say cheese!

Cougar Fans!

Ward was jealous he was left out of the last photo. This is a 'do-over.'

We were having such a good time, we decided to 'extend' the fun. So we invited ourselves & the Kelloggs over to Omid's parents for dinner.

Omid & I ran to Cash & Carry to pick up some rib eye steaks.
Right after I snapped this photo in the store, a rude employee yelled at me, "Hey! No photography in the store!" I was feeling brave and said right back to her (in my sweetest 'kill them with kindness' voice), "Don't worry! I wasn't taking a picture of YOU!" Hmmmph! Omid said in his best Tony Soprano voice, "fuggediboutit." So I did.

Remy - hoping for a handout.

Beefy goodness.

Cool 70's photo of Fari.

Try saying THAT 3 times fast.
Shibaba pof pofi, shibaba pof pofi, shibaba pof pofi.

Omid in Fari's tub (he was giving Lin & Ward a tour of the house).
All the time the adults were upstairs, the kids disappeared downstairs with my camera. Here's a sampling of what they were doing.


bgygi said...

Silly kids! Looked like fun :)

Anonymous said...

I look so stupid, it's not even funny.

Actually, it kinda is...

erinz said...

It's hilarious! Now I know the fun things you do when you are babysitting. No wonder the little kids love you!