Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aash-e Adas Cook Off!

Omid's mom, Fari is known for her lentil soup (aka: aash-e adas). It's simply delicious. Omid thought he could do a better job. Today...the two had a cook off. Omid's aash-e adas.
Fari's aash-e adas.

The competitors.

My contribution: Lentil candles!

Nas & Mansour

The Judges!

The verdict: Fari's soup won 6 votes to 5. I thought they were both equally delicious. Fari's soup was traditional while Omid's soup was 'nouveau.'

The big winner? My candles. Everyone liked them. :)
**Special thanks to Arezoujoon for the candle idea. I stole it from her!!


The Rinkels said...

How much fun is that? You guys are a fun family.
p.s. I'm stealing the lentil candle idea.

erinz said...

Heidi - You can find those glass jars in the NEW Trader Joes. They hold some kind of yummy European yogurt. They come two to a package. Enjoy!

Arezou said...

I wish I were there...Did I give you the candle idea? I don't even remember. BTW, have you checked out Sophie and Duncan's new blog??? ;-)

erinz said...

NO! I am scared to you mean you UPDATED your blog?!

Anonymous said...

take that hideous picture of me off here.