Monday, October 19, 2009

Mt St Helens Fieldtrip

I was lucky enough to help out with the 8th grade field trip today. It was so much fun and the scenery was so beautiful. Our field trip was on the south side of the mountain. There were very few reminders of the eruption in 1980. This tree was one of the few survivors. Survivor tree
Carpet moss

The mountain was behind the fog. This is Lahar Viewpoint.

Lahar river bed

Matty's science teacher. So cute! Wish he'd been my 8th grade science teacher.

Lava canyon

Suspension bridge

Warning! These signs were everywhere. A man and his 5 year old son were killed last summer because they ignored the sign.
Pay attention!

Ape Cave entrance

Inside Ape Cave

Matty emerging from the lava crawl at Trail of Two Forests.


My turn! If I look's because Mr. Hunting said to turn right inside the crawl & a bunch of 8th grade boys told me to turn left. I took Mr. Hunting's advice.

I made it! Thanks Mr. Hunting!


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sbaily said...

Fantastic field trip. What fun, so beautiful. Glad you are all safe.