Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on Nas & Running Start: She is doing exceptionally well in English 101. Supercallafragilisticexpialadociously well. This should come as no suprise to those of you who know Nas. She sets goals, she exceeds them. I wish I had her drive & determiniation. Let me just say that she is doing much better in her English 101 class at 15 years old than I did when I took the same class at 18! Remember her name - she will go far that girl!

Yesterday, Remy & I walked around campus while waiting for Nas' class to finish. There are some really beautiful old maples on the college campus. They are currently changing colors and I had to stop Remy mid-walk (not a happy dog) just to snap a photo of one particular tree. It was simply gorgeous. The sun was setting & the colors were so vibrant. I wished that Omid was with me so he could photograph the tree (he is the photographer in the fam, not me. Omid likes to play around with f-stops, white balance, & all that jazz. I like to point & shoot). Well, here is my best. It's not an "Omid" shot, but it will do. Just look at that color!

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The Rinkels said...

Gorgeous! I love the fall.

Don't you just love having smart kids? Such a blessing!