Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee + Long Walks - No Restroom = Misery

Warning: This post is about potty. Sorry. After two years of avoiding a topic like this, it was inevitable. If you don't want to read about potty, then check back later!
I decided to take Remy on a long walk today (10.18 miles to be exact). If I had been smart, I would not have had 3 cups of coffee this morning.
About three miles into our walk, I realized that I needed to find a restroom. I was close to Grass Valley Park, but their restrooms have been closed due to vandalism. I called Omid to see if he could pick me up, but he was already at work. I was very close to Skyridge, but that meant I would have to tie Remy up outside with the risk of someone dognapping him (It happens!). I decided to risk it and ran over to Sky.
I tied Remy up out front, ran inside and saw my friend Peggy. I frantically told Peggy that I was in the middle of a walk with my dog and needed to use the facilities. I told her Remy was tied up outside and may bark for a minute or two. Peggy saw the urgency on my face and said, "Okay!" I ran to the staff restroom and it was occupied! I saw the men's room was not. However, a male 6th grade teacher was 10 feet away making copies and would see that I was in the men's room. I decided not to risk it and hoofed it down the hall to the kids restroom. On the way, I could hear Remy loudly voice his objections - over and over.
Relieved, I ran back outside and comforted poor Remy. He was not happy, but no one had dognapped him either. Yay! We continued our walk and saw a coyote. It's hard to see in this photo but he was there. Lesson learned: no coffee before a walk!



Laurel said...

Ro and I want to walk with you! But not 10 miles. Let us know when you're back down to a mile or two. Thank goodnes for potties in schools. :)

The Rinkels said...

Misery is the perfect word for this situation. Misery and desperation. Glad to hear you found a suitable loo.