Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinner & a sing-a-long

Omid smoked a prime rib last night which called for a get-together. My parents made the drive down, along with Omid's mom, the Stevens and the Kelloggs.
Omid hamming it up!
Good friends!

After dinner and a few bottles of wine, I had the fantastic idea that we should all play Sing! Star! ABBA! Everyone but Jeff, Omid, Lia and Nas played. Omid's mom even sang a duet of Money! Money! Money!

Dancing Queen
Let me just say...that some people (ME) think they sing great after a drink or two. You listen and be the judge. Pay special attention to Lin's comment...I don't think she wants me to audition for American Idol anytime soon. ;)

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bgygi said...

That wasn't just ABBA singing? I couldn't tell!! ;)