Thursday, January 7, 2010

Netflix This!!

This was a GREAT movie! I can't write a review or I will give away the ending. If you do watch it, have a tissue handy for the end. I had to use two.


The Rinkels said...

This is the most mysterious movie. When Will Smith was on Oprah, he couldn't say much. It's the movie that no one knows what it's about. Is it creepy / scary? I don't do creepy / scary.

erinz said...

Spoiler alert: it's about a man who was texting while driving. This resulted in an accident that killed his wife & 6 other people. Will Smith has so much guilt that he wants to kill himself. But before he does, he tries to make the lives of 7 people better. It's a good movie!

Chris and Sarah said...

I liked it! Watch it, Heidi!