Monday, October 24, 2011

Eugene Road Trip

Yesterday we took a road trip to Eugene, Oregon. Omid found something on Craig's List he had to check out. Matty, Remy & I decided to tag along.  Since none of us had ever been to Eugene before, we decided to stop & check out the U of O campus.

Fun fact: The Ducks have won 30 straight home games.
This terrifies me for when the Cougs play in Eugene next weekend.

The U of O campus is nice & surrounded by the city of Eugene
 (which is much larger than I thought).
Future Duck?!
Heck no, he has to go to WSU!

U of O has several beautiful buildings. This is the 'athletic academic center.'
Beautiful architecture inside & out.

O bicycle racks. Love it!

I absolutely LOVED how each & every dorm window had an O sticker on them. That is school spirit!
Dear WSU: I'd like to see the same idea implemented in Pullman. Thank you.

 Omid trying to make the famous "O." Is he close?

Matty: Is he close?

Neither of them got it.
Thanks to my friend Mary's son, McKinley for showing us how it's done!

This is the U of O Alumni Center. Omid & Matty were impressed with the architecture.
Me, not so much. I love the barn at WSU. Sorry! It's nice, but it's NOT WSU!

This building was impressive.
This is the U of O basketball arena.

While I had a nice time visiting, I again have to say my allegiance is 110% to WAZZU! Go Cougs!

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