Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pullman Weekend (Part One)!!!

We travelled to Pullman this past weekend to visit Nas and also for WSU's Homecoming! We had a fantastic time. While I am here physically, I am still mentally in Pullman. I love that place!♥
Driving near The Dalles, Oregon, we watched a beautiful sunrise.

Remy & Matty

We took a shortcut through Washtucna & saw these turkeys on the side of the road.

All I could think about was Thanksgiving dinner!

Almost there!


We made it to Pullman and had to find where the rv parking was. It was first come, first served in our lot. Omid found this site which had great views on either side.
This is the right-side view from our campsite.

This is the left-side view from our campsite.
The WSU water tower!

Our little campsite.
 After Omid set everything up, we took Remy for a walk up on campus & to find Naseem.
Thanks to Sarah for Remy's one-of-a-kind bandana.
50 people must have asked me where I got it.

Nas & her baby!

Matty & Nas

After a bit, we stopped at Nas' dorm & snuck Remy inside for a visit.
He wouldn't stop barking at her friends, so we rushed him back outside.

Amy, Lin & Lia

Lin & Ward's campsite was our tailgating 'headquarters.'

Happy to be back in our favorite place.
Nas catching up on all the Camas news.

Nas brought her friend Marcus over for dinner. Her friend Leah & Leah's sister Sarah also joined us.
Omid grilled koobideh for dinner (so Nas could have a taste of home). It was a wonderful night!

Omid and I went for a walk around the some of the other tailgaters. On the rear of one diesel pusher, we saw this sticker.
Somebody important was visiting WSU.

Next up: Saturday in Pullman!

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