Friday, October 7, 2011


Andy Bell & Vince Clarke
My favorite musical group in the whole wide world? ERASURE! They are my go-to group on my iPod. I've loved them ever since I heard thier first single: Hideaway (way back when!). Omid introduced me to them with this very mixed tape the first summer we were dating. One listen & I was hooked.

Beloved mixed tape from 1988!

Since they announced a North American tour last June, I just knew I HAD to go see them. Long story short: tickets sold out immediately & I was sad that I wasn't able to purchase any. Omid was so sweet & purchased tickets off of Craig's List for me. I got to see them on Wednesday at the Crystal Ballroom with my friend Donna.

Donna & I enjoying a bite to eat before the concert.
Fun Fact: if you eat/drink at Ringlers & save your receipt before a concert in the Crystal Ballroom,
 you get 'preferred entry' into the concert!!
Waiting to get inside!
 Donna & I were about #50/51 in line. Once we entered the ballroom, most of the crowd went to one of the three bars stands in the concert area. Donna & I ran to the stage. Guess what! We were about 8 feet from the stage for the entire concert! The bests seats I've ever had at a concert!

Donna Roberts!
Have a real estate need? Call Donna!
She's licensed in WA & OR!

Feeling piggly wiggly for the concert to begin!

I could not believe the woman next to me was wearing earplugs!

Opening band: FrankMusik. Dance-trance stuff (not bad!).
 After FrankMusik opened, we had to wait about 30 more minutes for Erasure to perform. We were really curious as to what Andy would wear.  He came marching on stage & looked adorable in his sparkly, red blazer & trojan hat.

Costume change.
Fun fact: Vince is a founding member of both Depeche Mode & Yaz.
 Erasure performed for about an hour & a half and then came back and sang for another 20 minutes. It was hands down, the BEST concert I have ever attended. Andy didn't disappoint & danced away on the stage just like we'd hoped. I loved the fact that the entire Crystal Ballroom was singing/shouting to all the songs. It was a huge sing-a-long! Andy & Vince performed all my favorites!! I took several videos and uploaded them to YouTube. If you want to view my YouTube channel,  you can click here. One huge warning: I am singing along & not very well! I was really disappointed to hear myself singing that badly. I apologize in advance!

It was an amazing concert & I can't wait until the next time I get to see them!
Fun Fact: On October, 11 - Erasure will release a new album called Tomorrow's World!

Lastly: I always suspected Vince & Andy were super cool, but this blog post from Mike the Fanboy confirms it! Just a few days ago after their Hollywood show,  Vince & Andy spent time signing autographs & posing for photos with fans. I love that! Warning: there are a few inappropriate photos on that post.


Joanne said...

No wonder some of my favorite groups are Erasure, Yaz, and Depeche Mode! I hadn't realized he had his hand in all of them!

Laurel said...

Um, can we still be friends even if I've never heard of Erasure?

Laurel said...

P.S. I'm glad you had such a great time!

erinz said...

Yes, Laurel! I still like you lots!