Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pullman Weekend (Part Two)!!!

Homecoming Day in Pullman!
Omid and I woke up and took a walk through all the tailgate campsites.

 Walking past this campsite, we were thankful these campers weren't right next to us!

Former WSU football player Ryan Leaf.
He has just written a book & is now on a booktour.
Go Cougs!

Omid & I walked up on the campus. Look at the view of the Palouse behind Omid.

After a few hours, we all met back at Lin & Ward's camper for lunch.
Ward ordered the 'Colossus' pizza from Pizza Pipeline.

Ginormous 26" pizza!
Stuffed & almost ready for the game!

We took a quick family shot before the kids left for the game.
Omid and I didn't attend, but drove all over Pullman
revisiting our favorite places. So many wonderful memories!
After the game, we met up with our friends again. Look at Remy & Jack.
These two begged all weekend long, especially Remy. He forgot all his manners & was even caught
stealing food from other campsites. Naughty boy!

Coug fans!!

Just after the game, fans were starting to trickle back to the tailgating site.
I loved the sea of crimson!

I also loved the camraderie between the Coug fans. We were all complete strangers, but everywhere you went, Cougs invited us over for a bite or drink; and we did the same. We met so many nice people this past weekend.

We had a fantabulous time visiting Nas in Pullman. We were so happy she spent the entire weekend with us.
We can't wait until our next visit!!

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