Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Have fun with language!

Here is a fun site:
You can take bilingual quizzes in many different languages - from Arabic to Zulu.

I took the Persian quiz. Here are my scores:

colors: 9/9
fruits & veggies: 9/9
days of the week: 7/7
numbers: 11/11
family: 13/13
giving directions: 10/11
jobs: 11/18

I beat the kids (which is pretty good)! Got to start practicing now that my in-laws arrive in a week! I need to start studying the "jobs" category. I got a score of 61%! Yikes!

1 comment:

rubytempest said...

Okay, Erin. If your forwarded emails are cool ones like this, I will grant you special privilege!

Send me your email address (can't figure it out and I will forward my scores. Go Remy go!