Sunday, January 20, 2008

Razor Clamming

Yesterday, we went up to Longbeach (Ocean Park, WA) and attempted to go Razor clamming with our friends the Kelloggs. We had such high hopes when we left. We all had visions of getting 60+ clams, plus the clams the kids would be digging. Our mouths were watering. We piled all 8 of us (& two 50 pound dogs in the car). Remy was not happy having to sit in the "way back." He had to act like a dog and not the person he thinks he is. The first photo shows how unhappy he was. He stood the entire way there (2 hours). While Jack reclined and slept on the bed. It was raining when we got to Ocean Park and Omid & Ward set up a shelter to protect the kids, dogs, moms from the wind & rain. The rain stopped the minute we got there. It was great. It only rained two other times for about 10 mins each, so it wasn't too bad. Remy whined the entire day. He was protesting the clam dig. He would have preferred to be back at home next to the fire. poor baby! The kids had a great time. N at first really didn't want to go - she wanted to stay home and study. Halfway through our day, she said she was happy she had come. At the end of our day, the 8 of us got ONE Razor clam. Amazing! NOTE! That is NOT a hot dog in Omid's hand. That is the GIANT Razor clam Ward found.

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