Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Smiling Vizslas

This sweet boy isn't Remy, he is a rescue from Utah. I thought the pix was so happy and typical of a Vizsla smile.

Check out the Vizsla headshots from Rusticu Vizslas. This site always has the best Vizsla photos. I love these! Click on the dog faces to enlarge the pix.
We are having a bbq tonite. Burgers with Cougar Country Drive In (mmmm gooood!) "goop" sauce. Omid remembers exactly how the sauce tasted. So good, so inexpensive and one of the best restaurants in Pullman (Wa). Three years ago, we visited Pullman for Spring Break and took the kids to CCDI for lunch. It was great. Ahhhh, the memories. When I was a student (way back when), I thought it was weird when "families" came back to visit the campus. Now...I understand! It's a Cougar thing! Speaking of the Cougs...they play tomorrow night (Fox Sports NW). We have only lost two games...yay!*Update: the Cougs lost last night. Bummer! Must have been the blizzard that blew into town.

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Anonymous said...

i smile every time i see that picture of the viszla