Thursday, January 17, 2008

Z5 explained

Ok, for those of you who don't know....Z5 is what I sign on cards, etc. It's easier than signing all our names. And yes...Remy is included. Go Remy Go is what I named the blog.

I named it this because if you know Remy....he can run about 65 mph. No kidding! When he runs in the field by our house, he takes off like a rocket. We are always yelling, "Go Remy Go!! He loves to hear the cheers. You should see the smile on his face. :) Just ask Grammy & Arezou what if feels like to get knocked down by a dog going 50-75 MPH. Grammy never even knew what hit her. She was out with a broken pelvis for quite a while. Thanks for not suing us Grammy! Arezou was slammed from behind on Government Island. She and Matty were racing. Not one to come in last, Remy ran as fast as he could and knocked Arezou flat. He was guaranteed a win. Thank God she wasn't hurt!

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