Wednesday, January 30, 2008

!*Sparkling Clean*!

Monday's Snow Day brought a welcome surprise for all of us. The house was deep cleaned. That hasn't happened in weeks...ok...months!
I remember before I worked, there was freshly laundered clothes everyday, scrubbed floors, clutter free counters, the aroma of Pine Sol in the air. There was homebaked bread & some kind of dessert everyday. Ahhh...memories. Now, it's mostly store bought bread & dessert. I am too tired from working & running the kids to their activities to work with yeast.
Now it's frozen lasagna, mystery casseroles, and just plain 'surface cleaning.'
But on Monday....I ran to WalMart and bought a new mop and some more cleaning supplies. The house was polished, vacuumed, scrubbed, everyone had clean clothes (even ironed!). There was even fresh bread. Just like the old times. The house literally was sparkling clean and I loved it. We have a 2 hour late start today...I wonder what I can accomplish in that time.


Anonymous said...

please don't make me eat frozen lasanga again.

Arezou said...

Ooooh....Freshly baked bread...Yumm......I am sure your mystery frozen food is fantastic too...