Monday, January 28, 2008

verbs & ringtones

I now know that "netflixed" is indeed a verb. We were at a party last night and someone asked me, "do you netflix?" Woah!
I asked yesterday (just for fun) on the blog if that was a verb and then this man used it as a MUST be! I will need to check to see what they say. Funny!
Have you see the Jason Bourne movies? We have all three and are watching the 3rd movie right now (for the 5th time). Omid loves Jason Bourne. I just changed Omid's ring tone (for my cell phone)from the Bourne soundtrack to the Soprano's theme song. He loves Jason Bourne, but he loves Tony Soprano more! I need to come up with a better song for my ring tone on Omid's cell for me...something Barry Manilow or ABBA...or Erasure...I just can't decide....!Then again...I could do something Pet Shop Boys. Ha ha!
**I just checked and, and 'netflixed' isn't in the database. We can only hope most of the American public uses 'netflix' (as a verb) enough for to add it next year.

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