Monday, December 1, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I usually mail my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving. Because my life has been a tad bit busy lately, I haven't even taken a Christmas photo yet. So...after school today, we ran to the park and tried to get Remy to look at me when I snapped the photos. Here are some of the contenders.

This one is good...but someone (me!) set the 'white balance' to shady.'s not in the running (unless Nas fixes it for me on Photoshop).

This one would be great....except for the chain the photographer (me!) forgot to notice (Nas could also fix that for me on Photoshop).

Omid and I like this one the best. If Omid can take some better shots this week, then we'll use those, otherwise look for one of these in your mailbox soon.


Laurel said...

I like some of those, but why aren't the parents in the photo? Dude we want to see the whole Z5 clan. We took some pregnancy pics this weekend. Patrick used his infared remote with his fancy camera.

Chris and Sarah said...

Remy looks so proud!!!!

Laurel said...

I posted on in the right hand column. I'm baring all!