Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holly Days Bazaar

Today Sarah and I had our big debut at the Holly Days Bazaar. Co-workers Cyndy & Teresa selling their "night lights."

Sarah looking sad because the girl next to her had chronic flatulence!!! NO JOKE!!! I am such a bad friend...I did NOT change places with her. Sorry Sarah!

Look who came to visit!

Dog Freaks and proud of it!
Look at our posters!!! So cool.

Woman with a mullet?

Oh yeah!

Choices, choices.
I came away with a Thanksgiving themed bandana for Remy and a plaid for Hammish.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and purchased our products!


Laurel said...

I think I might have a booth next year with appliqued shirts. We'll see. Sorry I didn't buy any treats, I didn't have enough cash. :(

zenmasterlars said...

ooooh looks like fun stuff!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

That was so fun! Good news: Our posters were very professional and our stuff was cute. Bad news: You were telling the truth about the cute, 95 lb. farting neighbor. GROSS.