Monday, November 2, 2009

Run! Run! Run!

Last night Matty, Omid and I watched a documentary about the Ironman. It was so amazing and inspiring. After that, Omid showed us a video on YouTube about Rick Hoyt, a young man with cerebal palsy who wanted to compete in the Ironman. He and his dad have completed almost 1000 marathons & triathalons in 27 years. Amazing!

This inspired Matty and I to do the Capitol City Marathon this spring. Unfortunately, Matty isn't old enough to enter the marathon portion, so we will be competing in the half marathon. Nas decided to join us, along with my sister, Cynthia. Omid said if we did this, he would take photos and write the blog post. We have six months to get ready & train for our first ever half marathon. So exciting!

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