Friday, November 27, 2009

We are back from Thanksgiving in Olympia. Turkey, Scotch dressing, yams, roasted brussel sprouts (which were surprisingly good) and cranberry rice. We ate too much and it was all delicious. Omid and my dad always have a friendly competition when it comes to food. Omid made a delicious smoked salmon, sea scallop & prawn plate for an appetizer. It was simply scrumptious! Omid's appetizer
On our way home from Olympia, we stopped at the Centralia Outlet Mall and bought a few things. Then it was on to Matty's basketball game. Unfortunately, the boys lost both their games. Afterwards, we stopped at Staccato Gelato for some dessert. I had chai tea and a nummy cardamon donut, Omid had a maple donut & coffe and the kids has the gelato. Try this place, it's cute and delicous.
Resident cat at Staccato Gelato


The Rinkels said...

Oh my goodness - don't get me started on gelato. Sister Jill got me hooked on the stuff in Hawaii. It is tasty beyond words!

bgygi said...

Thanks for the shout out on the delicious brussel sprouts!!