Sunday, November 29, 2009

Round Lake

Nas and I took Remy for a walk around Round Lake this morning. It was really beautiful. We saw lots of people walking their dogs and also a few kayakers on the water.
Lily fields (minus the lillies)

Cute Christmas tree with a Mrs. Butterworth Angel on the top.

I may steal this idea.

Remy trying his darndest to get the Mrs. Butterworth Angel. He tried to climb the tree and when that failed, he barked for several minutes. I finally managed to get him away and back on our walk.

The water was so calm it was like glass.
**Katie B. = I told Nas that the first time I met you was at Round Lake. Do you remember?!

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Anonymous said...

Nas, it is true! At round lake I met an amazing Mom & her beautiful daughter & little bro in the stroller. How fun it was watching you grow up with my girls. Nas, You were such a great influence. We miss all of you.