Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pullman, Here We Come!!

Naseem will be visiting Pullman in a few months for the Junior Preview. I have been busy scheduling her 'off' time to visit all my 'happy' places. I am way more excited about this visit than she is.
Places B and I plan to take Naseem to:
WSU campus of course!!
Cougar Country Drive In
Old Country (for Abelskivers)
Swillys for dinner (& double fudge brownies & nanaimo bars)
Pizza Pipeline
Anything we're forgetting? Please leave a comment!

Go Cougs!


The Rinkels said...

Did you ever go to the donut store by Dissmore's? I wonder if it's still open.

sbaily said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun.

erinz said...

Daylight Donuts is now a Vietnamese restaurant! I found that out in August. :(

Laurel said...

Pizza pipeline! :) LOL Sounds like a lot of food and not so much college. What's her #1 choice? Go Vikings!

erinz said...

Most of the eating will be done by my sister and I
while Nas is busy on campus! Nas' #1 choice is ASU! She wants to be warm!