Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break - Part 1

For the first part of our spring break, the kids, Remy and I headed up north to Olympia. We picked up my parents and ventured up to Seattle. Our first stop was UW, so Nas could visit the campus & see what it was like. Suzzalo Library on the UW campus. It reminded me of a cathedral; but our tour guide thought it looked more like Hogwarts - right out of Harry Potter. Give me a break! Btw...I am not a Harry Potter fan. In fact, I was waiting for our guide to say 'something' about Harry Potter ever since I read this article about Colleges/Universities comparing themselves to Hogwarts. The second reference to Harry & Co. was that UW has it's own Harry Potter club. We even saw the HPC president walking on campus with her Hogwarts scarf. I knew there was a reason WSU was better than UW!

Naseem & Papa inside the Suzzalo Library (fun fact: UW has 17 libraries on campus).

More Suzzalo (& shady looking guy who made it into the photo)

The cherry trees were all in bloom & were beautiful.

After we finished touring UW, we headed over to Fremont to find the troll.

The troll's eye is a hubcap from the VW Beetle down below. Fun fact: When the troll sculpture was finished, the VW held a time capsule full of Elvis memorabilia. Soon after, thieves broke into the VW and stole everything. So now the Beetle sits empty. Scary Fact: Matty climbed up to the top of the troll, turned around and saw several homeless people sleeping.
Matty & the Troll.

After hitting Fremont, I made everyone come with me to Lake View Cemetery. Lake View is the final resting place of many famous people. Bruce is the most famous. For some reason, I thought Jimi Hendrix was buried here too. My mom popped into the cemetery's office to get a map & that is when we found out JH wasn't at this cemetery. The receptionist gave us a map to the Renton cemetery, but we didn't want to drive all the way over there.
Bruce Lee's Gravestone
After we found Bruce Lee, we looked for Princess Angeline's gravestone. Princess Angeline is the daughter of Chief Sealth. Freaky Fact: After Matty & my mom got out to find the gravestone, it started pouring like crazy. Right when I started to take a photo, there was a bright flash and a gigantic clap of thunder. Scary! That was our cue to leave the cemetery!
Naseem's friend Gerald was also visiting UW. He met us at the cemetary and asked Naseem: What kind of people go to a cemetery for fun?! She answered: My mom! Fun Fact: My cousin's 5th grade class went to this cemetery for a field trip. I am not the only one who thought it would be interesting!

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The Rinkels said...

Just one of many reasons why WSU is better than UW! Make a smart choice Naseem! : ) JK of course.
Any trip that starts in Olympia has to be a great one. And I heard Egan's was part of the trip too. Yum-o!