Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break - Part Deux

On Wednesday, B, the kids and I started our morning at Wagner's German Bakery for breakfast. Cream cheese danishes & cream horns. Simply yummy!


We decided to walk off our pastries & stop by the Capitol.

Christine wasn't in. I checked.

Fun fact: B noticed that all the doorknobs have George Washington on them.

The ginormous chandelier. Fun Fact: a VW Beetle could fit inside.
Random Fun Fact: B remembered from a previous Capitol tour, that all the draperies inside were from Frederick & Nelson (remember that store?).

After the Capitol, we headed over to Lacey to visit Saint Martin's University.

SMU = $$$$$

It's also way too small of a school for Nas.
Fun Fact: There is an Abbey on campus and we saw several monks in long robes walking around Old Main.
After SMU, we headed back to the westside and visited my old stomping grounds: Evergreen! It's a good thing I ended up at WSU. First, I wouldn't have met Omid, and second: I would probably have dreads & call myself "Walnut."

After spending a lot of time visiting TESC and buying 'Greener' tshirts, we needed a snack.

Eagan's on Harrison for fries & goop. Delicious!

We picked Cayden up for Kindergarten and went downtown to Percival Landing. We were in the mood for something sweet so then drove to the San Francisco Street Bakery for cookies.

San Francisco Street Bakery (visit their stand in the Farmer's Market for yummy almond chewies!).
The kids and I came back home today. It's naptime for Remy & laundry for me. But first, I managed to stick my fun Doxies on the wall. I couldn't wait & decided not to paint my laundry room after all.

Remy checking out the Dachshunds.


bgygi said...

Great post, Walnut!

The Rinkels said...

OMG! Walnut?? I'm crackin' up.

SMU is way too small. There's only 2 buildings for cryin' out loud. I realize that I'm a recent graduate of SMU but for a person her age it's way too little. I'll reserve my opinion about TESC.