Friday, April 9, 2010

Rowan Playdate

The last time we had a playdate with Rowan, she looked like this: You can read all about that last visit here.
We saw Rowan again today and this is what she looks like now! 16 months old!

Remy was still very interested in showing Rowan his toys, giving her kisses & whacking her with his tail.

Kissy Kiss!

Future veterinarian? Rowan loved Nas' Betta fish.

She also read about choosing a good college. Very important.
*Note to Aunt Heidi: Rowan was encouraged to attend WSU and not TESC!

Rowan loved going "wheeeee!" in the spinny chair with Nas.

The best for last....Rowan has some super dance moves!

Thanks Laurel & Rowan for the visit and the YUMMY treats!! Nas said the scones were BETTER than Starbucks!


The Rinkels said...
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The Rinkels said...

Hey, keep those TESC brochures away from my niece!

: )

p.s. I deleted my previous comment due to a typo.

erinz said...

Don't worry...Rowan only saw WSU literature!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Rowan looks like she has a pretty DENSE diaper!!! Happens to me all the time....

Laurel said...

a) Thanks for letting us visit!
b) Step aside Starbucks, my scones are coming!
c) I'll bring her back for more college reading.