Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My favorite flowers have always been lime hydrangeas & tulips. I now have to add dahlias to that list. Last week my friend Leslie has the most beautiful bouquet of dahlias I've ever seen. She said that she only paid $5 for the bouquet. I could not believe it. Any store would have charged $50 or more for the same.

Arnita, Annette & I decided to check out Linda's Dahlias for ourselves.

Remy smelling the flowers!

This is only part of the bouquet. I gave some away to a lovely coworker.

How can anyone deny the existence of God with beauty & perfection such as this?
It's stunning!
Go! You won't be disappointed!
Linda's Dahlias
2.5 miles up Washougal River Road (on the right).
Open Daily
$5 for 13 stems

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Chris and Sarah said...

I got to have dahlias @ my wedding! I'm in love with them! (and Chris)