Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Live on Studio 6!

I had my cooking segment on KOIN Studio 6 this afternoon. Unfortunately, the show was cut short due to a news conference. The usually one hour show was condensed into 20 minutes. I had to bring all my own ingredients. I packed everything in baggies & Tupperware.
Lobby of KOIN Studios

Jeff Gianola & Kelley Day - KOIN News Anchors

Two out of the three KOIN Studio 6 hosts.
The girl on the far left is the current Miss Oregon.

My 7 minutes were bumped down to 5. I had to make most of my cobbler before the segment.

Shooting the teaser before the show. It took 6 takes.

Loads of butter. I want this much butter in my fridge!

Why am I laughing?
Because I got to give a shout out to the WSU Cougs!
Go Cougs!

After the show, Nas & I walked very quietly past the live KOIN news desk. Can you see Jeff & Kelley in there?

If you want a laugh, click on the link below to watch my 5 minutes of fame. Listen carefully, because I was talking a mile a minute! I did have an embarrassing moment: The host asked me what ingredients were in the white chocolate crunch. My mind went completely blank and I couldn't remember! It was a fun experience and I would do it again. Look for Remy in the future. I did give them a story idea about him and they are 'considering' it. Who knows!

Click here & when the page loads, click the video on the right to see me on tv!

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