Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend at WAZZU!

Last Friday, Omid, the kids and I headed East to visit Pullman for the weekend. I had been piggly-wiggly for weeks just thinking about the visit. Windmills! It was neat to see these along I-84.
Just outside of Colfax. Getting close to Pullman!

Funny story about this photo:
Our friends the Kellogg's went with us to Pullman. They left two hours before we did. I bet Ward $5 we would catch up to them on the road & Omid bet Ward another $5 that we would beat them to Pullman. Here's proof that we passed them (in all our horn-honking glory) and stopped to take photos at the "Welcome to Pullman" sign. When I snapped this photo, Lin & the girls were waving, Ward stared straight ahead and raced down the hill.
Ward Kellogg: You owe me $10!!!

Future Cougar!
I have a photo of the kids as toddlers by this Cougar too.
My how they've grown!

Omid and I had our first date here and came here to celebrate the night we were married.

Omid wanted this BBQ! Just think of the number of ribs he could grill at one time!

We signed our family up for the Future Cougar weekend. We had to be on campus at 9:30. The day included information meetings, tours, and a bbq. We got to tour the newest residence hall at WSU. The first new dorm since 1971.

This note was on one of the doors of the residence hall we toured.

Go Cougs!

WSU has brought back the cannon! Every time WSU makes a touchdown at a home game, the National Guard shoots off the cannon.

Lecture for the Future Cougars

After our Future Cougar day, we met up with the Kellogg's at the game.

Touchdown Cougs!

Look at that score! This was an extremely long 2:13! Thankfully, the Cougs got the miracle they needed and won the game!!!!

Big Fans!

Our two future Cougs!

After the game, we walked over to where the Kellogg's were staying. Lots of RV's and lots of tailgate parties. We walked around and talked with lots of other Cougars. That is the one thing I love about Cougs! We all have that Cougar Connection. We can be complete strangers, but instant friends at the same time. One big Cougar family!

We love our Cougs!

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The Rinkels said...

How fun! I can't imagine my kids going there......that would be a full circle moment. I sure hope they do.