Thursday, August 30, 2012

Singapore: The Food

This is my last post on our wonderful trip to Singapore. It's mostly about the food items I forgot to stick elsewhere on the blog.  I made it a point to try as many different foods that I could while on vacation. I think I did a good job (with the exception of the $30 hamburger).
Bee cheng Hiang is famous for thier sticky type of beef jerky called bak kwa.
It was very good & very fresh. It needed to be eaten the same day it was purchased.

This is the bak kwa.
It looks like fresh steak here, but it was dried (like jerky). It's covered in a sweet & sticky glaze.

Mmmm. One of my favorites. A simple custard bun.
I bought one & sometimes two of these every morning.☺
$0.55 from The Line restaurant in our hotel.

Chinese hamburger!
This was delicious!! Bbq'd pork & cabbage inside a soft Chinese bread.
Matty & I found this inside the Takashimaya hawker center. It was only $2.60.

Tiny doughnuts.
The bread was soft & steamed (reminded me of a waffle).The merlion was filled with cream cheese & the doughnut shaped one was filled with sweet custard.We bought 4 of each for $5.00
Now to one of my favorite things: a literal ice cream sandwich with bread!☺ I was so excited to try one of these. The bread is pandan bread (vanilla scented herb) & is slightly sweet. I had raspberry ripple ice cream & Matty had chocolate chip. Inexpensive at only $1.00 each.

It was so delicious that I bought a second ice cream sandwich (with mango ice cream).
I wish we had these here. So tasty & so much fun with the pandan bread.☺

This is what my hair looks like when I don't flat iron it. :/
Indian food from the Ion Orchard hawker center.

Mee reesam
Noodles, tofu, green onions, jalapeno & a hard boiled egg in peanut sauce.

Mangosteen fruit.
$6.00 for a bag of 12 mangosteen.

Peeled mangosteen.
It tasted like pear/strawberry/mandarin orange. Super yummy!
Mee Siam

This was so good! A sweet & spicy soup with shrimp, noodles, calamansi & hard boiled egg.

Chinese rice noodles with pork.

Egg & potato brioche from Bread Society.

More Bread Society goodies + kopi c from Toast Box.
 These are what Omid claims are the best chicken wings he's ever tasted.
Guess where they are from? IKEA!
In Singapore, IKEA is pronounced 'eeee -kee- uh.'

These next few photos are from the Tanglin Shopping Center grocery store.
This will give you some idea of just how pricey imported items can be in Singapore.

I've never seen this flavor of Boursin cheese before & I hope it makes it way to the US.
I paid $8.98 for this tiny package. I usually purchase a 3 pack of Boursin at Costco for the same price. Ouch. 

Giant Fuji apples. $9.00 for 2.
Omid modeling dragonfruit & mangosteen.☺

$2.90 for one can. Winco sells the same brand for 0.65.

$9.95!!!! Again, Winco sells this for less than $2.00.
Betty Crocker can be found for around $0.89 here.
On a sidenote, this trip to Singapore was one of the best vacations I have ever had. It was simply amazing! Thank you Omidjoon for surprising me with this trip. Love you lots!!!♥

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