Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singapore: Shangri La Hotel & Nassim Road

Sunrise our second day.
View from our hotel (to the right).
I love the lush foliage mixed right in with the city.
View from our hotel (to the left).

A quick note about our hotel: I LOVED IT! I didn't take any photos of the inside or the grounds as I knew I wouldn't be able to capture the elegance of it all. It's an absolutely gorgeous hotel! Click on this link to take a virtual tour.
This is Johnny, the Shangri La concierge. Such a nice guy!
He helped us a lot. If we weren't asking him questions about this & that, Johnny
made it a point to always come over & asked us what we had done/or were about to do.
For breakfast on our 2nd day, we decided to go to the Wisma Atria hawker center for breakfast. 
Fun fact: A hawker center is a food court with LOTS of different restaurants to choose from. They are in every shopping mall & all over the city. It's the most economical way to eat in Singapore. The three of us were able to eat breakfast for about $8; while lunch & dinner averaged between $10-15...for ALL 3 of us!
We left our hotel & walked to the Wisma Atria. Look what we found on the way!
 Omid's sister, Arezou, had taken this very picture about 15 years ago & gave it to Nas. Nas was so excited there was a street with her name on it (albeit spelled a bit differently). It was fun to finally see it for myself. I hope Naseem will get to visit & have her photo taken right next to it in the near future.☺

And a little further down the road, Omid showed us this sign.☺
Jeffrey had told us we should try something called 'kaya toast.' We really wanted to try it, so that was on our agenda for breakfast. Kaya is a egg, coconut & pandan jam. Pandan is a vanilla flavored herb.  It sounded interesting & tasted amazing! It was love at first bite for me.☺
Kaya soft bun on the left, traditional kaya toast on the right.
Kaya jam made such an impression on me, I purchased 5 jars right away.☺
Jars of happiness.☺

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel. Omid & Matty wanted to swim, as it was about 95* & very humid. I loved being hot, but they didn't enjoy it as much.

After cooling off, we were all extremely tired again. Jet lag had set in & it was time for a nap. Omid's coworkers wanted to take us out to dinner, so we had to rest up. No more falling asleep while sightseeing!  Stay tuned for part three!

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