Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Singapore: Raffles Hotel & Harbor Front/Esplanade

We have been home for exactly 24 hours now. Singapore - WOW! What an experience!!! I will not hesitate the next time Omid asks me to go there with him. I am 100% positive that I could live AND thrive there. The climate alone is exactly what I love!! 95* everyday! The weather was pure bliss & I was in heaven. ☺
Here's what we did the first day: Besides obsessing about my lost luggage, we had to go shopping for clothes for all three of us. This isn't easy for people of our size. There is really only 'Asian' size in Singapore. I was an XL. That was very hard for me to comprehend. It was very difficult to find clothes that fit me. Not all stores sell XL for women there. :(  After finding a skirt & three shirts (that's ALL I could find in my size), we decided the next stop would be the Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling! The Raffles Hotel is where the famous drink was invented.
Ingredients list for Singapore Sling.
You read the price right: $26!!!
Alcohol is extremely expensive there. We only had a few glasses of wine &/or beer, as I thought $20 for a glass of wine was ridiculous! Especially if I knew the brand & the bottle cost $13 here in WA.
This drink tasted like pink bubblegum. Not one of my favorite flavors. But...it was worth the ambience inside the Raffles Long Bar. It was like we stepped back in time. Super neat.

Please excuse the jet lag & just focus on the pretty drink.☺

After I slurped down my drink, we walked around the hotel. Absolutely beautiful!

This is the front of the hotel. Very British in the architecture. Loved it!
 Wherever we travelled in Singapore (even just to the supermarket) the flowers/foliage were simply stunning.
Such interesting & pretty flowers.

"Fan' style palm tree.
We headed back to our beautiful hotel, the Shangri La, changed into our XL clothes & waited for Omid's coworker, Jeffrey to pick us up & take us to dinner.
I neglected to get any photos of Jeffrey this night. Too bad. He was super nice & took us to the Glutton Bay Hawker Center for dinner. We had Singapore's most famous dish, Chili Crab for dinner. I also forgot to get any photos of our dinner!!! SO MAD! We also had the BEST satay I've EVER had at this hawker center. Matty agrees with me!☺
After dinner, we walked around the esplanade. Check out this casino. It's called the Marina Bay Sands. A hotel, casino & mall in one.  The top looks like a cruise ship & I'm not sure why.
This building is the Esplande Theaters on the Bay & is shaped like the famous Singapore fruit, durian.
I tried my best to avoid tasting the durian but did. It tastes like natural gas smells. NO JOKE!
The merlion is the symbol of Singapore. It's on money, chocolate, everything!
It was undergoing maintenance so we were unable to get up close & personal.
Jeffrey continued to take us all over the harbour front & esplanade. We walked under roads/bridges & I took these two shots. I thought they were very aesthetic.
The vines attached to this tree tell how old the tree is. The longer the vine,
the older the tree.
See how tired we are? We were dying! We had so much more planned for the evening, but
I could not keep my eyes open. So. Tired.
After we took this photo, Jeffrey took us back to our hotel.

Thank you Jeffrey for being our tour guide!☺

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