Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singapore: Dinner with Friends

What a difference a nap makes! We woke up from our nap, got dressed (in our own clothes, thankfully!) & headed down to the lobby to wait for a cocktail before meeting Omid's coworkers.
Happy & well rested.
Fun fact: one glass of Tiger Beer + one glass of wine = $38! No joke!
We met up with Valen, Chery & Jeffrey at a seafood restaurant called Ban Leong Wah Hoe. The food was amazing! We tried black pepper crab which was even MORE delicious than the chili crab.

Words cannot even describe how delicious this was.

Valen & Cheryl ordered some prawn paste chicken wings. The best chicken I have ever tasted! We also had laksa noodles, whole frogs (which made me sad, as I love frogs), braised vegetables & lots more.
I was so full, I thought I would burst. Then Valen announced that we were heading to an Indian restaurant for roti prata.  I had read all about the Indian bread, but never tried it before. Very exciting, plus it's fun to say: roti prata, roti prata, roti prata.☺
The gang!
Omid's coworkers from left to right: Valen, Cheryl & Jeffrey

Roti prata with a spicy sauce.

Omid & I ordered a honey + butter prata. YUMMERS!

Matty chose prata with chocolate sauce & sprinkles.☺

By this time, we were lapsing into a food coma. Sleep beckoned! Jeffrey graciously drove us home, as Omid needed to go to work the next morning. 
Coming up next: Haw Par Villa & the Ten Courts of Hell.

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