Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singapore: Haw Par Villa

Before leaving the US, I researched quirky sites to visit in Singapore. One such place kept popping up over & over again: Haw Par Villa.  Haw Par Villa is a Chinese sculpture garden based on Chinese mythology. It was built by the makers of the world famous Tiger Balm. 

Haw Par Villa was mostly deserted when Matty & I visited. We saw maybe 25-30 people there. This place was not only quirky, but kind of scary. You'll see what I mean in a minute.☺

Entrance to the sculpture garden.☺

Information about Har Par Villa & it's founders.
Famous tiger car owned by Boon Haw

Heed the warning!
 The ten courts of hell was SCARY!
We were happy there were English translations for the ten courts of hell. I tried my best to get photos of the translations. Make sure you read them before looking at the photos. It will explain a lot.
WARNING: The photos are GRAPHIC & VERY GORY! Skip this post if you are squeamish!!!!




The rest of the park was full of interesting sculptures as well. Some had English translations, others did not. We were left perplexed by some sculptures that we saw. Like this these:

 What does this mean?

Statue of Liberty is here because....?

This pond was very pretty & full of turtles.

When we were ready to go, a couple stopped Matty & asked if they could have their photo taken with him. 

This sign was at the exit. I don't know who would want to break into Haw Par Villa at night! It's scary enough during broad daylight. 

I am very happy we were able to visit Haw Par Villa. It is by far, the quirkiest attraction I have ever seen in my life.☺

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