Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Singapore or Bust!

In 2.5 days, I am flying to Singapore! So excited!! Matty is tagging along with me. Omid will be there too, but he'll be working & we'll meet up with him for dinner most nights. Nas is unable to come with us and that makes us very sad. We'll miss you Nas!!♥

Fun facts:
*It will take us 23 hours to get there.
*Omid has been travelling to Singapore for 17+ years.
*Chewing gum has been banned since 1996. I actually like that law. I really dislike stepping in gum!
*Spitting, littering & jaywalking are all illegal & you will be arrested if caught.
*Mandatory death penalty for most narcotics use.
*My sister in law, Arezou, used to live/work in Singapore.

I have been researching 'fun & interesting' sites to visit on our trip. I am SO excited & have been looking forward to this trip for weeks! I have to say...I have the BEST husband for surprising me with this trip! Thank you Omidjoon! I love you lots!♥ 
Bonus: I found this great packing tip on Pinterest. It worked great (yes, I am already packed!). Definitely using this tip from now on.☺


kevin-mc22 said...

Give Remy a pat on the head for me!

Kevin (obey the vizsla!)
obeythepurebreed.com and my Dixie girl

Laurel said...

How exciting! Safe travels and have fun. :)

Chris and Sarah said...

Sweet! Have fun! I'd try to jaywalk while chewing gum very subtly.... maybe it's good I'm not going!!