Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seattle Get-A-Way (+ a Shred update)

It's our spring break this week! Yay!
March is a loooong month when there are no 3 day weekends to be had.
First I  have to say...I was off the Shred Diet for three days! Yikes! I tried my best to eat good/healthy on Easter and for the 2.5 days we were in Seattle. I am repeating last week of the diet to see if that gets me back on track. It shouldn't be hard. ☺ I am happy to report that I am still down 7 lbs. I stayed hydrated with lots of water & tried to stick to mostly vegetarian options or fish when eating out.
We spent Easter with my family up in Olympia. It was a beautiful 74*. Sunny, warm, absolutely perfect. Cynce & fam got new chickens. Remy really enjoyed checking them out. Every time Mike opened the door to the hen house, Remy was right there - trying to get in. So funny.
Easter collage.
Later that evening, Matty, Omid & I headed up to Seattle for a few days.
Early morning coffee at the Pioneer Square Starbucks.
 This photo was taken with the free camera app, Dblcam. It takes a photo from both the front & back of your phone. So fun!  This was our first photo Monday morning.
 Next stop: Pike Place Market
The famous 'gum wall' in Post Alley. Gross & neat at the same time!☺

The weather in Seattle was COLD!

I knew I should have trusted my instincts & dressed for what I 'knew' the weather would be: cold/cloudy. But no, I checked out which said the entire week would be warm & sunny. Lesson learned: always pack for cold/rainy weather no matter what the weatherman says!

Inside the market.
 After walking all over downtown Seattle & the waterfront, we headed over to the beautiful Kerry Park. If you have never visited this park, it's a must! Gorgous views of the city & the sound.
Another  Dblcam shot. So happy the sun finally came out for...two whole hours!

Clowning around!☺

We spent about an hour at Kerry Park. I wish we had brought a picnic. It was my favorite part of our Seattle stay. The views & the company were perfect. All that was missing was Nas & Remy.

Our next stop was the Seattle Center. We wanted to visit the Space Needle, but after seeing how expensive it is now, decided not to ride up to the top after all.

Look! An old fashioned elevator! No digital numbers.☺

Matty & Ivar Haglund!
Fun fact:  No trip to Seattle is complete unless you stop at Ivar's for clams.☺

Watching the ferries from Ivar's Acres of Clams.

Fun fact: After this ferry left, we watched another ferry arrive, then had to dash for an appointment nearby. My friend Katie & her family were on the newly arrived ferry. We were so sad that we didn't have time to meet them & catch up for a few minutes. So sorry Katie! Can't wait to see you in May!!☺

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