Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July continued

We went over to our friends (Jeff & Tammie) house for a bbq tonight. Ward serving sangria.
Zinzi making the rounds.
Gabi chilling. Lin & Tammie.
Lia & Kelsey
The boys
The girls.
Carla & Kim

Omid & I
cupcake cake

Jeff bbqing
Jeff's shirt (it refers to a 'dry rub' for meat)

champagne cocktails (not for me...I prefered the sangria)
the kidlets

the boys rockin to guitar hero.
We came home to this mess. Even though Remy had been 'sedated' with the maximum dose of acepromazine, he still managed to have enough energy/adrenaline to tear up his comforter. :(
We had to stuff cotton balls in his ears before he would calm down to sleep tonight. Prayers for Remy please!!

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