Saturday, July 26, 2008


We made a quick trip to Meadowglenn Farms today with Matty, B, Cayden & Tom

Starting our quest.
Look who we ran into! I forced them to pose for me. B is an avid reader of Sarah's blog and told her in no uncertain terms what a big "fan" she was. Sarah: B isn't a stalker - I promise!!

Matty taking a break.

B showing me her eyeball size berry.

Cayden picking away.

Look who else we ran into - and she was advertising Daisy sour cream while she was picking.

Finally finished.

Look who else (for the 3rd time) we ran into. Cynce & Sammee came with 5 mins left to pick.

20 pounds! Woo Hoo!


Chris and Sarah said...

20 pounds?!?!?! That's insane. Thank you for documenting my "just walked 13 miles in the blazing heat" look. I'll get you back one of these days....
I'm off to make my cobbler!

erinz said...

What!? You looked so cute. I can only hope I look that good after walking 13 miles! It was fun seeing you both. :)