Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yogurt Cream

I read The Pioneer Woman's site daily She had this scrumptious sounding recipe on her blog yesterday for yogurt cream (I could not wait to make it). I sent my dad and Omid to the store for my supplies, while I made a fresh batch of TPW's Apricot Bars (we ate them for dessert tonight).

I just whipped up a batch of this yogurt creme and will let it sit overnight. My plan is to serve it at breakfast and hopefully use it for a filling for the crepes Nas & I bought yesterday. Then...if the yogurt cream is thick enough, I plan to use it for a tart filling. This batch is purely experimental. :)

The yogurt & the cream.

The Y & C mixed together.

The brown sugar sprinkled on top.

UPDATE (7/2/08 - 7:22 a.m.)
This is what I woke up to. The brown sugar all dissoved on top.

The brown sugar stirred in and the YC fantabulous. It is too runny to place into tart shells, so I will just pour it into glasses & sprinkle strawberries on top. Try it - you won't be disappointed.

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