Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feng Shui

Omid & I are taking a Feng Shui class downtown tonight for fun. I will post info later about how it went and if we learned anything.

Yin Yang Egg

** Update: We are back from our class. We didn't learn much (except that we wasted $20). The instructor spent all of her time promoting her business and showing photos of her work. All of her before & after photos were terrible (& that is pretty much all the class was: looking at her Feng Shui photos). Her makeovers were clutter central (I need less clutter in my life/house - not more). It was a BIG advertisement for her business and if you really wanted to learn more - you need to set up a $300 consultation with her.
To boot - we got Dixie cups only half filled with wine (no refills!). For $20, I expected A LOT more.
There were about 5-10 minutes of "tips" you could use and they are:
* Pets are good! All living things keep the good energy (ch'i) moving in the house.
*Real plants are good. Fake/plastic plants are bad.
*Don't have mirrors in your bedroom.
*Have a nightstand on either side of a double bed.
Most postive part of the eveing: Omid & I spent time together. :)


Arezou said...

Oh no....I am sorry to hear that....I was the one who sent the email to you and Omid. I am surprised. She was always so nice in Yoga. Sorry, Erin Joon. Wine on me, next time. And good kind too!

erinz said...

that's okay! It wasn't your fault. It was a fun night out for Omid and I. The funny thing was - Omid could have taught that class with his knowledge of color, etc. :)