Thursday, July 24, 2008


I went blueberry picking this morning. Usually the kids come with me, but they were still sound asleep. In 30 minutes, I picked 5 pounds of berries. I thought this would be enough to last us for a few days. I think I will go again on Saturday & Monday. Call me if you want to come along! I stayed in this one row the entire time.
Beautiful dusty blue.

This one went right into my mouth (it's important to sample the berries to make sure they are sweet). :)

5 pounds in 30 minutes!
Blueberry bath (in my kitchen sink - not the bathtub!)
I wash all my berries (blackberries too) before freezing them. I know Martha Stewart wouldn't, but she doesn't live here. :) I did follow her advice one year and did not wash my blackberries. I popped them in the freezer and made a pie around Christmastime. I forgot the berries weren't washed. While making that delicious pie....there were all sorts of frozen twigs & bugs in the berry mix. So now....ALL berries get washed before being frozen.


Chris and Sarah said...

That's awesome! Where did you go to pick? I don't think I could go on Sat. or Mon., but maybe by myself or Chris????
PS - once I picked blueberries as a summer job, and on the 1st day, the worker lady dumped out my whole bucket on the dirt and said that I had "handled" the berries too much and couldn't be sold - I burst into tears and never went back!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom wants me to tell you:

6310 NE 232ND AVENUE
Vancouver, WA 98682

Phone: 360-254-0223
I guess the last two weeks they have only been open on Monday Thursday and Saturday but you should call and check when they're going to be open cuz it could change.

Laurel said...

I want to go. What kind of dough are we talking about here. I mean how much does a 5 pound bucket of berries go for these days?

erinz said...

Meadowglenn charges $1.50 a pound for U-Pick and $2.00 a pound if they pick. Much much better than purchasing in the grocery store. You can even call ahead & order the blueberries and they will have them ready for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. "U-Pick"

Chris and Sarah said...

Naseem - thanks for your extreme secretary-ing. You have mad skills.