Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping & River Rafting

We spent the weekend camping & rafting the Deschutes River with 25 other people. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy the pics! **Update: We left on Sunday, but on Monday there were 2 exciting events we missed. #1: a 4.2 earthquake and #2 King Abdullah of Jordan rafted the Deschutes with his son and secret service. I would have LOVED to get a photo of them for the blog. :)

On our way...

Omid setting up our tent & accessories. Remy refused to sleep on the floor of the tent. He insisted on sleeping on the air mattress. When Omid tried to move him, Remy became a dead weight & wouldn't budge. Omid didn't sleep very well. :( Next camping trip, Remy may get his own tent.

Dinner Friday nachos.

Tom & Francis cooking dinner.

Lin & Ward

Kids ready for their first river run of the day.

Omid & "Lawrence of Arabia"

Ward had the 'accent' down and was using it! I was laughing so hard I had tears (so did many others!).

Tom aka "Camp Supervisor" aka "The Pest". Tom was officially christened The Pest by Ward this weekend (for his ability to assign jobs in the campsite).

Blake & Brian on dish duty.

Ward on dish duty

Ward, Jack & Remy swimming.

It wouldn't be a camping trip with the Kelloggs without Sangria.


Kids on their way for a 6th run.

Amy squished in the back.

Nas - flash those pearly whites!

An exhausted Remy.

Chow time!

Blake & Francis

Jack & Remy

By standing on a rock, I was actually taller than Omid. I was holding on for dear life too - the current was strong & the rocks slippery.

Matty in a creek (catching crayfish).

Matty - he was the "tannest" of us all this weekend (by being in the water 99% of the time).

The dads finally get a turn to raft the river.

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