Monday, July 21, 2008

We had an inpromptu dinner party tonight for Blake who is off to the Air Force Academy this week. Omid took off a little early today to prepare for dinner (kubideh & jujeh kabob). The kids' reaction after Omid told them it was a "Farsi Summer" (no English). MuahaHaha!!!

Naseem helping Omid skewer meat for our dinner party. How 'bout them skewers?!

Kari, Ward & Blake (I was so busy socializing, I forgot to take photos and remembered when everyone was leaving).

appetizers, nummy!

Omid & I preparing dinner

Nas & Remy in an awkward kiss - it looks like Remy is biting her, but he is not. Not to worry Farijoon - Nas immediately washed her face (just for you) after this picture. :)


Anonymous said...

it was a love bite

Unknown said...

Thank you Naseem joon for washing your face.Thank you.