Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cold Coast!

We spent the last three days in Newport, Oregon with our friends the Stevens & Kelloggs. We left the beautiful 92* heat and didn't much enjoy the cold 55*-62* weather much (or at least I didn't). I checked on before we left and the site said it would be around 70+* the entire time we would be there. So...I packed shorts, shorts, shorts and one pair of jean capris. Guess what!? I wore the same pair of capris everday....those jeans practically walked back themselves they were so dirty. Other than being cold, we had a pretty decent time.

This was Remy's first trip to the coast. He LOVED it! He ran and ran and ran. It was just great for him. One of about 50 holes Remy dug on the beach. He even dug up a crab.

I only packed a sweatshirt. Next time...a winter jacket!
Remy in action.

Omid, Remy & Amy

Tammie & Zinzi
(Tammie was also freezing. After this photo, Jeff ran into town and bought her a sweatshirt).

This photo of the dads & dogs was taken at about 4:00 p.m. It makes me cold just to look at it.

On Saturday, we went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and then some of the group went to the Oregon Aquarium. The rest of us went to the Rogue Brewery.

Beautiful Girl!!!

Omid, Jeff, Nas & I took a stroll on the docks to see what the fishermen were offering.


At Rogue Brewery.

I got a Taster Tray. Only one of the beers was any good. That was Sig's Northwestern. Very good!

Omid, Nas, & Jeff at Rogue.

Remy, Gabi & Jack

Did I mention there were two German Shepherds on the trip? I don't claim to be a clean freak, but when I saw the carpet in our rental house COVERED in G.S. hair - I couldn't stand it anymore and vacuumed the carpet. I had to do it over and over to get all the hair. You wouldn't believe it but less than an hour was covered again. I LOVE Remy's short, virtually non-shedding hair!!
Matty on a hillside. Can you guess what I was saying? "Be careful!" and "Please come down from there!"
Saturday night, we walked to the Newport bridge to watch fireworks. It was a good show. Some of the highflying fireworks we couldn't see because of the fog, but we could sure hear them!

Here is a video of the dogs the first day we got to Newport. They are having the time of their life.

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