Monday, July 13, 2009

Oly Weekend (part two)

Sunday was my dad's birthday. He & my mom decided on a Hawaiian theme. So...everyone had to wear a Hawaiian shirt or some kind of island get-up.
Birthday Boy!
Papa grilling the ribs & chicken.
Olympia had a major thunderstorm & Remy had to be medicated. The meds finally took effect while we were getting dinner ready. Remy decided to conk out in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I managed to get him to a more comfortable spot (where he wouldn't be in everyone's way).

Jungle Girl & Wild Boy of Borneo

Tom (checking out the Mariners score).

Nas & Sammee

Carli & Randy

Mom & Gary

Tammy & Papa

Remy & Nas

Cynce, B & Tammy

Poor B. She had a very funny photo earlier (which I deleted). She was mad at me for showing everyone before I deleted it. Here she is muttering something under her breath about me.

Here she is pretending (or was she?) to spit in my margaritas. B: I promise I deleted the picture!!

Dogs in their tropical gear.

This was one of 12 self portraits we took. One of us looked good while the others looked bad, etc. We finally kept one we could all agree on!


The Rinkels said...

That thunder was crazy! It lasted so long - I couldn't believe it. Poor Remy! I don't ever remember thunder like that.

sbaily said...

YOU are the official family photographer. Thanks so much.