Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make This!

I have exactly 10 oz of blueberries left from our harvest on Saturday. How do I know this? Because I measured & hid the container in the fridge. I had to make sure I had enough to make Blueberry Crumblies. I found this recipe on Noble Pig. I plan to bake it later today. Yum!

**NOTE: These bars are YUMMY! Next time...I will make 1/2 a recipe of the topping as I thought it was way too much for my cake. I have saved the other half in the fridge to put on a coffee cake, muffins, or if I get to pick more blueberries this week - another batch of these. I think I may even add some lemon zest to the cake mixture. Try the's great!

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bgygi said...

They look very yummy!