Monday, July 13, 2009

Oly Weekend (part one)

The kids, Remy & I had a busy weekend in Olympia. Saturday night, B's step-son, Kohl, had a gig at the old Eagle's ballroom in downtown Olympia.
There were two bands playing the show. Kohl's band is called Save it for Saturday.

Proud Dad: Tom
Sammee came along for the show.

View from the ballroom of East Bay Drive.

Matty: waiting for the show to start.

Cayden was all prepared with earplugs. It was loud!

B & Cayden
The Band.

Kohl (center)
The band was pretty good. They even passed out free cds to everyone.
Good luck, guys!

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sbaily said...

Great pics Erin. YOU should start a photography business.