Monday, June 29, 2009


Laurel, Rowan & Remy

Nas & I had a play date with Rowan & Laurel this afternoon. We enjoyed oohing and ahhing over every coo Rowan made. We especially loved it when we got a smile. This was the first time Remy had been around a baby (since he was a baby). I was nervous about how he would react....but I didn't need to worry. Remy did great and loved Rowan! He even snuck in several kisses on her nose & lips!!

Here's a movie of Remy showing Rowan his toys.


Laurel said...

Sorry, it was a short visit. I'll have you know the Bumbo did the trick right when we got home. It was all raspberries and giggles after that.

erinz said...

Next time bring the Bumbo with you!

Chris and Sarah said...

When do I get a playdate?
Goliath (using my master's computer)

erinz said...

Sorry Sarah! I would have called you...I guess I thought you were still visiting your parents!! Lets get together Weds or Thurs & walk the boys! I have treats for Goliath.